galleryOne | The isolation project

This project began in 2012 as a visual exploration of the different types of personal isolation, and an exercise in street photography. Exhibited in November 2012 at the Center for Photography at Madison (now PhotoMidwest), these photographs were my first real steps into artistic expression, and the first time I confronted my own emotions through art.

I discovered a paradox exists between an artist's need for isolation in fostering their creativity, but the equally strong need for an audience when expressing that creativity. These ideas were further explored in a short video about the exhibit, and will be seen again in a forthcoming exhibit catalog.

Steps, © Paul Nylander
Watcher, © Paul Nylander
Alone © Paul Nylander
Silent Accord, © Paul Nylander
Sauce, © Paul Nylander
Highway Rememberance, © Paul Nylander
Lone Guard, © Paul Nylander
Distant Windmill, © Paul Nylander
Observer, © Paul Nylander
At Rest © Paul Nylander
Separate Path, © Paul Nylander
Waiting © Paul Nylander
Walk Backwards © Paul Nylander
Every Morning © Paul Nylander
Looking outward, © Paul Nylander
Silent Escape, © Paul Nylander
Contemplation © Paul Nylander
Isolation Video
Paul Nylander, Graphic Designer and Visual Artist

Paul's thoughts…

This photography collection, exhibition, video, and future fine press book represents both the beginning of my artistic explorations, and the ongoing exploration into the necessity, and contradiction, of self-imposed isolation to the “creative” professional.

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